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Our Story

Our story

We discovered Wairere Heights a few years ago. It was a rundown farm, ready to be sold to a forestry company specializing in planting pine trees. We immediately fell in love with the beauty of the forest and the stunning views of the harbor and Horeke Valley. 


Wanting an alternative to our busy city life in Auckland, we made a decision to purchase the farm, fully recognizing the challenges ahead.

It was a totally new adventure for our family, as none of us came from an agricultural background. Every step was a learning curve. 

In time, we discovered a fascinating new world of some of nature’s most amazing creatures: bees.  We learned how important they are for our planet, and found a new passion: beekeeping, and the art of producing beeswax creams and honey.

We would love to have an opportunity to share with you our experiences on this new journey and our love of nature and its wonderful creatures.



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About Wairere Heights
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Wairere Heights

The word “Wairere” (waterfall or stream of water in Maori) describes this place perfectly. Hidden away from the main roads and only known to locals, this once prosperous farm was about to disappear, becoming one of the “pine trees” blocks. 

Fortunately, we were able to rediscover and preserve its special treasures. 


The most notable gem is an underground stream (Wairere) which creates a small lake right in the middle of the paddock. No matter how hot and rainless the summer is here in the Far North, this stream always has an endless supply of water available for livestock and crops.


Another treasure is a stunning forest full of native trees, natural springs of fresh water, massive volcanic rocks, and Manuka/Kanuka bushes close by, buzzing with bees.


Finally, there are mesmerizing views! Endless breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that are both captivating and invigorating, ready to provide a boost of energy for the start of the day or a relaxing finish to a busy night. 

If you are seeking to enjoy the native beauty of New Zealand’s North Island, we invite you to visit Wairere Heights to discover the true soul of the Far North and Bay of Islands.


For any queries about farm tours, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Wairere Heights team

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