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Our manuka honey has been collected from the Leptospermum scoparium tree, the only type of Manuka that produces honey containing an active ingredient, MGO which is responsible for antibacterial effectiveness.

The higher MGO, the higher antibacterial properties are in the honey.

Each year we send samples to be tested to certified laboratories.
Depending on the harvest MGO in our honey varies from 65+ to 300+

We collect our honey only from Wairere Heights. The combination of manuka and other nectar coming from a variety of plantations grown in this area gives our honey unrepeatable composition.

We trust you will enjoy its flavours.




Food registration

Registration number:
Expired 13-July-2024
Issued by Far North District Council

Manuka testing:

Hills Laboratories, New Zealand
Lab number # 2854638
Batch # 022022
Honey classification:
Monofloral Manuka Honey
MGO 210+

Mono Floral Manuka Honey

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