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 Wairere Heights, local kiwi farm, hidden treasure of the Far North, New Zealand

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Beeswax Creams

Wairere Heights offers you a great natural product: beeswax cream.

Our combination of beeswax and natural oils nurtures your skin, while enhancing,

moisturising, and maintaining its well being.

No preservatives. No additives. No artificial colouring.

With Olive Oil


Handmade beeswax cream with olive oil base. Suitable as a facial and hand cream

With Macadamia Oil

With Avocado Oil


Handmade beeswax cream with macadamia oil base. Suitable as a facial and hand cream


Handmade beeswax cream with avocado oil base. Suitable as a facial and hand cream


Our Honey has been exclusively collected from Wairere Heights Farm. We offer you Mono & Multi Floral Manuka honey and a Bush Honey combining nectar from Manuka, Kanuka and other local bush flowers.  We trust you will enjoy its flavours.

Bush Honey 1.jpg


We are proud to introduce another great bee product: Beeswax candles.
Without any additives or artificial compounds, our candles are great alternatives for those after
eco-friendly and natural products. 
burns longer, is a great air purifier, provides health benefits, and is perfect for aromatherapy.

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Farm Experience

Come and visit Wairere Heights while you are exploring Far North, New Zealand.  We are open for day visits or farm stays. Whether you like walks in the forest or enjoying the farm lifestyle, we welcome everyone who would like to visit us.






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New Zealand

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Wairere Heights


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Wairere Heights

Day trips



and more.

If you like honey and beeswax creams we have some gift ideas for you to choose from, whether it is something for yourself or someone special.

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